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Your lawn cannot live without air, water and nutrients. When a thick layer of thatch builds up, water and fertilizer may run off instead of penetrating the soil. Aerating and dethatching can help rejuvenate a lawn by restoring passageways to the soil. Spring/Fall is an excellent time to dethatch cool-season grasses. For lawns with severe thatch problems or if you have heavy or compacted soil, aerate the soil and add top dressing

In order to take advantage of these great conditions and to insure that your lawn is ready for the cold winter there are a number of steps that you should take. Above are the Spring/fall maintenance programs to help you in getting the best possible lawn possible.

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  • "Guys, just wanted to leave you a message letting you know what a good job your crews did with our landscape and how impressed we were with the pruning. Our party went excellent and everything looked fabulous. Thanks for everything." - Potamac Falls, VA
  • "Thank you George! The backyard looks real nice. I never went out there much before because it wasnt that inviting, but now Im out there almost everyday watering my plants, etc. Its going to look so nice! The grassed in area is greening up quite nicely too. Thanks." - Manasas, VA
  • "Lawn Green Solutions has been taking care of my lawn, shrubs and trees for several years. They are on time, through and considerate of the customer's needs. They give me 100% satisfaction. " - Ashburn, VA
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