Leaf Removal Services!

Leaf Removal

Colorful leaves are beautiful to look at but they're not so pretty when they are piled up on your lawn. Excess leaves can restrict sunlight, nutrients and water from reaching your lawn. As a result, your lawn can suffer from disease, insects and overall stress. Lawn Green Solutions can take care of those pesky leaves for you. Not only will we remove the leaves from your lawn and landscape areas we'll also take the leaves with us when we are finished.

Leaf Removal

Full service leaf Clean-Up

We will clear up all your leaves from your grass, sidewalks, fences, decks, stairs and walkways. Our crew will remove the leaves from your property(bagging upon request only)

Vacuum Curb Side Pick Up Services (November 1st - January 1st)

We will vacuum all your leaves. Our crews work as efficiently as possible, no time-consuming leaf bagging is involved.

- Whenever possible call to schedule at least one day prior to putting leaves at the curb. It is much faster and cheaper to vacuum a leaf pile the same day it is put on the curb before it begins to settle.
- Never put leaves in a ditch or on a curb with running or standing water. This greatly increases vacuum time and price.
- Remove sticks, rocks, and other debris. These items will not pass through the machine and will have to be removed prior to vacuuming leaves, which will add to the total cost.
- Make curbside piles short in length. Make your pile high rather than long whenever possible. This will require less moving of the truck thus saving us time and you money.
- Please remember to pile leaves where our truck can have easy access. Our truck is equipped with a side mount vacuum and is designed to pull alongside a leaf pile, not back up to the pile. Please remember our vacuum hose is only 6 feet long.
- Please do not put leaves under low branches or power lines. Our trucks need a minimum 12' 6" for clearance.

Pile leaves by the curb

Our team will rake and pile all leaves and leave them at the curb.

HOA Leaf Removal Program

schedule your neighborhood pick up today(s).
* Plan 1 - One visit November or December.
* Plan 2 - Two visits November and December.

Huge Specials and Discounts

We are running regular specials and discounts for our local communities. Pricing can be seasonal, monthly and per time based off of your needs. Please contact us today for details at (888) 973-7489. We will be happy to give you a FREE estimate.

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