Safety first

Safety first and always is lesson #1 in learning how to mow a lawn. Never allow children to play near you when you're lawn mowing: Something might fly out of the discharge chute and strike someone. Nor should you take kids "along for the ride" on a riding lawnmower.

Always mow across the slope

When lawn mowing a sloping area, always mow across the slope, not up and down, to prevent accidents. The exception to this is when you're using a riding lawnmower -– then you must mow up and down the slope, to prevent the riding lawnmower from tipping over.

Mow when the grass is dry

Lawn mowing should be done when the grass is dry. You might slip on wet grass, and soggy clippings will clump and clog. Cutting damp grass also leaves it vulnerable to fungal diseases.

Turn off the engine

If grass clogs the blades or discharge chute of a power lawnmower and the engine starts to sputter, turn off the engine and make sure the blades have stopped rotating before carefully raising the lawnmower to remove the debris.

Do not operate

Do not operate a mower when under the influence of alcohol or other drugs that impair judgment.


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